Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Garages vary in sizes and there are different types of doors available for these garages. While you have ample of option to choose from, an insulated garage door will be very advantageous. The insulated garage door prevents heat transmission or winter cold in your garage, keeping your vehicle and other storage away from extreme temperatures. Non-insulated garage doors can cost you thousands in repairing or replacing garage doors in the long run.

Polyurethane and polystyrene are the two types of garage door insulation. Polyurethane is foam like liquid that is injected in the garage door to keep the two layers bonded whereas Polystyrene is like a rigid block placed in between the layers of the door but not attached to any of them.

Depending up on your need and taste, choose a garage door that benefits you in terms of design, energy efficiency, maintenance and budget. Insulated steel garage doors offer amazing benefits with variety of design options. If you want vintage exterior look of the garage, you can opt for wooden garage doors that can be designed to match your house architecture. Insulated wooden garage doors have sound diminishing quality where, polystyrene, an insulation material is sandwiched between the two layers of the wood.

Insulated garage door offers noise reduction benefit for attached homes. Multi-layered insulated garage doors potentially have higher R-value, better soundproofing quality and can be customary designed to compliment your house look.

So while replacing or installing a new garage door, see to it that you select an insulated garage door for anticipated benefits.